Courtney Love Under Hot Water For Her Over-The-Top Pet Etiquette

Courtney Love Under Hot Water For Her Over-The-Top Pet Etiquette
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According to a report from Page Six, Courtney Love is in trouble with her peers once again. The outlet reported that Bryan Safi, the actor/comedian who works with her on Fox's 911, accused Courtney of causing problems with her dog while at the LA restaurant, The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappucino Maker.

Speaking on his podcast, the comedian said that she has a little dog, a Pomeranian, and she couldn't keep control of it. The star said it was "screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, the whole time." On his podcast, Throwing Shade, the comedian said: "the dog is running everywhere" causing a ruckus.

Bryan said things became worse when she asked to have sugar for the coffee, however, she then flipped the container over and used some of the sugar to spice up her dog's water. Safi later revealed it was Courtney on The Michelle Collins Show on SiriusXM Stars.

Ironically, this comes approximately ten years after Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney's daughter, filed court papers accusing Love of behaving recklessly toward her cat and dog. Apparently, Frances Bean's dog got its paws on Love's prescription pills and died.

Courtney Love has fostered a reputation for herself in the entertainment industry and in Hollywood as an eccentric, to put it one way. She was married to Kurt Cobain until he killed himself in April of 1994, right at the peak of the band's fame.

Furthermore, some fans of Kurt's have even suggested Love had something to do with Kurt's death. A few authors have published works on her supposed involvement, with Love and Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain being the most popular.

As it was noted above, Kurt and Frances have one child together, Frances Bean Cobain. In past interviews with Frances Bean, journalists have asked Frances if she was a big fan of her father's work, to which she said "no."

The young artist explained that many people find that shocking, but Nirvana was never her band, however, she did say the song, "Territorial P*ssings" was a great track.

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