Courtney Love Shouts Out To Post Malone After He Asked For Permission To Sing Nirvana Songs In Upcoming Concert

Courtney Love Shouts Out To Post Malone After He Asked For Permission To Sing Nirvana Songs In Upcoming Concert
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Fans of Nirvana know that Kurt Cobain tragically killed himself on the 5th of April, 1994. At the time, he was married to the Hole frontwoman, Courtney Love, and thus all of his estate and copyrights were shifted into her hands.

Hot New Hip Hop reported that Courtney Love recently came out to express gratitude to Post Malone for shining a light on Kurty's already-massive legacy and also asking for permission to use the artist's songs in his upcoming concert this Friday.

As it was previously reported, Post Malone is putting on a concert this Friday in Nirvana's honor. He'll perform many of the band's hits and perhaps even some of the band's lesser-known songs. Post Malone has reportedly chosen to put on the performance to raise money for coronavirus relief.

This Wednesday, Post Malone teased the upcoming tribute concert when he posted a video of himself on stage while a Nirvana song played in the background. The ending of the video features a date and time, Friday, on the 24th of April, at 6:00 pm EST. The show will stream on YouTube.

Fans of Post Malone know he has often talked about how important Nirvana was as an influence on his taste. It's not surprising the young artist has chosen to perform a tribute concert in the band's honor. As for the songs he'll perform, it's not currently known.

Obviously, Kurt Cobain isn't around to grant the rights to Post Malone, so it had to be Courtney. You can see what the artist had to say in the Instagram posts above.

In addition to thanking Post Malone for his contributions to the coronavirus relief funds, she also said that Kurt would be very proud of him for using the songs for the betterment of mankind. Fans of Kurt Cobain know that Courtney's reputation hasn't always been stellar.

In fact, many fans of the band have argued for years that Love may have had something to do with the rocker's death in 1994. There have been several documentaries and books written about Kurt's tragic passing.

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