Courtney B. Vance Reveals How His 21-Year Marriage To Angela Bassett Has Lasted

Courtney B. Vance Reveals How His 21-Year Marriage To Angela Bassett Has Lasted
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According to a report from Us Weekly, Vance spoke with reporters from the outlet recently at the Avengers: Endgame premiere on the 22nd of April, Monday, stating that he and his wife, Angela, have managed to keep it together for so long due to their capacity and willingness to help each other. As most know, Angela had a role in the latest installment of the Avengers franchise.

The star said they say to each other on a regular basis, "Yes, dear. How can I help? What do you need me to do?" The 59-year-old explained that having a successful marriage is mostly about prioritizing the more important things, rather than focusing on petty squabbles.

For instance, their focus is on their kids and their needs as a family, rather than as individuals. Career and other personal improvements come after the wellbeing of the family. Previously, Angela actually turned down a role in A Trip To Bountiful in 2013 to honor commitments she made to her husband and kids.

When speaking with WENN, Angela told reporters that she "simply couldn't make it work," because she had to be there for her husband who was doing Broadway with Tom Hanks in The Lucky Guy . As fans of the couple know, they share two thirteen-year-olds, Bronwyn and Slater.

The actor recalled, "we use to go see two and three movies a night, just fun things." In August, Bassett said to Net-A-Porter that she and her husband didn't have plans on divorcing at any time in the future. They married back in 1997.

The American Horror Story alum said to the outlet that her man always told her divorce and separation wasn't an option. It's a life-long commitment they both have to make for the greater good. That greater good being their children.

Angela Bassett's latest career success was in the 2018 film, Black Panther. However, her perhaps most iconic role was in What's Love Got To Do With It? where she portrayed Tina Turner alongside Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner.


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