Courteney Cox’s Teen Daughter Coco Does Her Makeup - Check It Out!

Courteney Cox’s Teen Daughter Coco Does Her Makeup - Check It Out!
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During this quarantine period, a lot of celebrities have been sharing their DIY looks, be it at home haircuts or makeup done by their male partners or other members of the family. It's a great way to pass the time!

That being said, Friends actress Courteney Cox did something similar, having her teen daughter Coco put makeup on her!

The 55 year old actress shared a clip that showed the 15 year old girl working on her look while at home, still social distancing!

In the beginning of the video, Coco was already applying eye shadow, admitting that she was struggling to make it flawless since 'Your eyes are really hard to work with, Mom.'

Then, the mother was quite surprised to realize that her daughter was already done with the glam look!

'That's the whole makeup? This is the whole look?' she asked.

'That's all I do,' the teen answered, referring to the usual makeup routine that she always does on herself.

She did go back for some final touches, however, working a bit more on her mother's eyeliner.

The look was complete with a teardrop and two kisses under the actress' eyes.

In the caption, Cox joked that: 'I asked coco to do my makeup... I guess you get what you pay for!'

But her fellow celeb fans really liked the final look!

Suzanne Somers, for instance, wrote in the comments: 'Omg!!! This is so good. She gets it. Good job Coco!!! I miss you so much . Coming this summer. I'm inviting myself!!!'

Natasha Bedingfield also left a number of heart emojis under the post and also told the mother and daughter that she loves them.

Courteney and her daughter have actually been posting a lot of joint content online during this lockdown, much to the excitement of the star's fans.

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