Courteney Cox Gets Emotional Over Missing Her BF Johnny McDaid While Quarantined Separately!

Courteney Cox Gets Emotional Over Missing Her BF Johnny McDaid While Quarantined Separately!
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It seems like Courteney Cox really missed her boyfriend amid the quarantine! The Friends actress and Johnny McDaid have been isolating separately amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic and she got a bit emotional over the physical distance between them!

There is no doubt that millions of people all around the world have been struggling to practice social distancing and stay in their houses at all times.

That being said, it sounds like Cox is one of them!

After all, the stay at home orders can be even more difficult when that also means being forced to be far away from loved ones.

Courteney has been experiencing that difficulty of being thousands of miles away from her boyfriend Johnny McDaid, and it looks like she is really struggling with missing him.

While a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, the actress shared: ‘He was supposed to go to Switzerland and write and instead he needed to go to England first and then all of a sudden, quarantine. I haven't seen him for so long. We do spend a lot of time on FaceTime but I miss his physical touch. This is so hard.’

Courteney also revealed that she had a close encounter with COVID-19 when some friends that were staying with her in Malibu tested positive after leaving for 3 days and then coming back.

‘In those 3 days, they both got COVID-19. One was asymptomatic and the other one, it just took him down. He had symptoms, 3 days after that he was in the hospital hooked to a ventilator, kidneys shut down. This a very young and athletic guy and his husband was completely asymptomatic.’

Fortunately, her friend is doing well and out of the hospital now but the Friends actress mentioned that it was a really ‘scary’ experience for everyone involved, including her.


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