Court TV To Air The Harvey Weinstein Trial In September — Hollywood Mogul Faces Rape Charges

Court TV To Air The Harvey Weinstein Trial In September — Hollywood Mogul Faces Rape Charges
Credit: Source: Harvey Weinstein/Getty

The Harvey Weinstein rape trial is scheduled to begin in Manhattan starting September 2019, and the newly revived Court TV is going to bring you gavel-to-gavel coverage. Known for covering some of the country's most infamous and most-watched trials including O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, and Jodi Arias, Harvey Weinstein will soon get the Court TV treatment and fans are thrilled to watch the fight for justice from their living rooms. The coverage will consist of Court TV's analysts and reporters who will attend the trial live, delivering the latest updates in real-time coverage.

Court TV is already on board for covering the upcoming R. Kelly trial as well.

Word that Court TV will follow the Weinstein rape trial has spread across social media networks with many people tuning in to the network. Court TV has also launched an app and is available now on Roku where viewers can watch live coverage as well as past trials on demand. In addition to trial coverage, Court TV announced they will launch original, true crime programming beginning in fall 2019.

Harvey Weinstein is already fighting a New York trial saying he doesn't believe he can get a free trial in the city. Weinstein is preparing for what may become the trial of the century with a new legal team and apparent new strategy. He's seeking a change of venue but at this point, it's too early to know if he'll get it. Weinstein is seeking a change to outside New York County. Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez withdrew from Weinstein's case after stating that Weinstein has engaged in behaviors that make Baez's ability to represent him "unreasonably difficult."

Weinstein currently faces multiple rape charges including first and third-degree rape, predatory sexual assault and criminal sexual act in the first degree. Multiple celebrity women have come forward to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior including Rosanna Arquette, Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, Rose McGowan, Natasha Henstridge, Lauren Holly, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and more.

Are you going to watch live coverage of the Harvey Weinstein trial when it begins on September 9, 2019, on Court TV?


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