Court Judge Dismisses Portion Of Ashley Judd's Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein

Court Judge Dismisses Portion Of Ashley Judd's Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein
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It looks like Ashley Judd has to forget at least part of her civil suit against Harvey Weinstein in California. A judge recently axed a portion of her suit against the disgraced producer, however, she'll still be able to pursue the claim that Harvey irreparably damaged her career using his influence in the industry.

Followers of the case know that Harvey's next criminal court date is in May of this year in New York City. Dozens of women have accused the former Weinstein Company owner of varying levels of abuse, including harassment, assault, and even rape.

Some of the more prominent and well-known stars to hit out against Weinstein includes Judd, Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino, and many others. It was easily the biggest #MeToo moment since the movement first began in late 2017.

In response to the claims, Mr. Weinstein released a few different statements via his lawyers and spokespersons in which he claimed all allegations were false and the relationships were consensual.

Philip S. Gutierrez, the US District Court Judge, granted the motion from Weinstein's legal team that the portion of the suit was inadmissible due to the law not covering Weinstein and other producers at the time.

However, the judge did permit Ashley to continue her part of the suit in which she claimed Harvey blackballed her from big projects including Lord Of The Rings from Peter Jackson. As it was reported back in 2017, Harvey allegedly used his power as a producer to discourage Jackson and his company from hiring Sorvino and Judd.

Later on, in defense of himself, Harvey said that the claims couldn't be true because his company never handled the casting at all. In September of 2018, Gutierrez dismissed the same part of the suit, but Judd tried to restore the claim.

Judd's suit claims that Mr. Weinstein invited her out for breakfast back in late 1996 and early 1997 at the Peninsula Hotel. Incidentally, when she arrived, she found Harvey in a bathrobe and tried to convince her to give him a massage.

According to Judd, she was fearful in the situation and chose to make a "mock bargain" in which she stated she would only let him touch her if she managed to win an Academy Award in one of his movies. In other words, she jokingly made such a "bargain," that way she could exit the room without causing a rise in tension.

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