Court Documents Reveal Even Gayle King Had A Special Nickname For Charlie Rose

Court Documents Reveal Even Gayle King Had A Special Nickname For Charlie Rose
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Charlie Rose had a special nickname around the office before he was fired back in 2017 amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Reported first by Page Six, the outlet claims his co-workers referred to him as "Charlie F***n Rose."

Charlie admitted to the nickname during a November deposition in the case brought against him by some of his co-workers. Kenneth Goldberg, an attorney for Sydney McNeal, Chelsea Wei, and Katherine Harris, asked Charlie during the deposition if he had the nickname, to which Charlie responded, "I've heard that, yes."

Furthermore, Charlie admits that even Gayle King, his co-host on CBS This Morning, called him that name as well. Goldberg then asked Charlie if Norah O'Donnell used that term with him, and he said, "I could imagine she did, but I don't remember specifically."

As it was previously reported, Charlie Rose was accused by twenty-seven women of sexual harassment. Six months after he was first relieved from his duties, the Washington Post released another expose discussing his behavior from the 1970s.

Reportedly, the first time a woman he worked with accused him of sexual misconduct was back in 1986. However, in 1976, he supposedly flashed his penis at Joana Matthias and also groped her breasts. According to her, Charlie would suddenly change personality, and the "groping" would occur.

Additionally, Annemarie Parr claims Charlie asked her whether or not she liked sex or not. Furthermore, he reportedly groped a 20-year-old intern and told her he wanted her to "ride" him. The list of sexual misconduct allegations continued, including harassing, groping, and other remarks.

As the story goes, Charlie's inappropriate behavior went down at almost every job he ever had, including on CBS This Morning, CBS News, NBC News, as well as PBS. When Charlie and his team got wind of the piece from the Washington Post, he described the report as "unfair" and "inaccurate."


Charlie was just one man in the broadcasting industry to face off against sexual misconduct allegations. Matt Lauer was also relieved from his duties on Today for inappropriate relationships and comments.

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