Counting On - What Does Abbie Grace Burnett Have In Common With Kate Middleton?

Counting On - What Does Abbie Grace Burnett Have In Common With Kate Middleton?
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Counting On star Abbie Grace Burnett is currently expecting her first child with husband John David Duggar. And, even though the couple is extremely excited about becoming parents, the pregnancy has been anything but easy.

Just like Kate Middleton during her three pregnancies, Burnett is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is extreme morning sickness. In fact, things have been so difficult that the 27-year-old has ended up going to the hospital quite a few times. They even found out about the pregnancy during a trip to urgent care, and that left Burnett in tears because she didn’t want to find out that way.

“It hit her hard, and she was down for probably seven weeks with severe morning sickness,” Duggar told Us Weekly . “She got diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, and she was hospitalized a couple times. We made multiple visits to the ER for dehydration. She couldn’t eat, pretty much, or drink, or anything. So she was actually on IVs and had IVs at home. So that was a pretty scary time.”

The 29-year-old dad-to-be says he has done everything he can to make sure his wife stays comfortable. Duggar makes sure her water is filled up and she has snacks readily available. He says that anything he can do for her, he will do, including running to the store to get whatever she needs.

Burnett - who is a nurse - admits that it hasn’t been easy for her husband to take care of her during her pregnancy, but she calls him an “angel” for all of his efforts. The expectant mom says that one night when she needed a heat pack - and it was close to midnight - Duggar insisted on going to the store and buying her one because she needed it and he wanted to get it for her. Burnett says that Duggar also cooks and cleans so she can stay off of her feet.

Now that Burnett is in her second trimester, her strongest craving is okra. And, John David says that their freezer is full of the vegetable because his wife puts it in everything - including smoothies - and she also eats it dry, as well as fried.

Burnett - who is due in January 2020 - says that they have already picked out a name for their baby girl, but they aren’t going to share it with anyone yet. And, one of the biggest joys of the pregnancy has been feeling their daughter kick, move around, and respond when they talk to her.

John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett - who wed in November 2018 - say that their marriage has gotten “better and better” since they found out they were expecting, and they feel like God brought them together and they are a match made in heaven.

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