Counting On Stars Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell Share Huge News About Baby No 2

Counting On Stars Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell Share Huge News About Baby No 2
Credit: Source: ET Online

Last week, Counting On stars Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell announced on the family blog that they were expecting baby number two less than one year after Caldwell gave birth to their first child, Garrett. And, in a new interview, the couple is dishing even more about their pregnancy.

In a video interview with TLCme , Caldwell revealed that she broke the baby news to her husband by etching “baby soon” into the bottom of a bowl. After Duggar finished eating a sweet treat she prepared, he saw the life-changing message.

“I was really excited. She really surprised me good this,” Duggar said. “I’m not necessarily the emotional type, but I definitely am super thrilled we’re gonna have another little one around the house.”

According to OK! Magazine , when Caldwell found out that she was having another baby, she was shocked at first, but then she was “super excited” because she couldn’t believe it was really happening. The 20-year-old said she had “so many emotions,” and she was “so thrilled.”

Duggar hopes his second child is “just like his mommy,” and Caldwell added that they are looking forward to this new adventure, and they can’t wait to change from being the parents of one to the parents of two.

Duggar and Caldwell tied the knot in September 2017, and exactly nine months later baby Garrett arrived in June 2018. The couple has not yet announced a due date for baby number two, but the speculation is that Caldwell is due sometime this fall, possibly in October.

However, this will not be the only Duggar baby born this year. Joseph’s older sister Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, announced in January that they are expecting baby number three, and she is reportedly due in June.

As fans know, the Duggars are all about large families. That is their brand, after all. And, while Duggar and Caldwell haven’t put an exact number on how many kids they want to have, they have said that they want as many kids as God will give them.

It looks like Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell might just follow in her mom and dad’s footsteps and end up with quite a large family of their own.

New episodes of Counting On are expected to return to TLC this summer.


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