'Counting On' Star Michelle Duggar Has Not Spoken To Her Lesbian Sister In Years

'Counting On' Star Michelle Duggar Has Not Spoken To Her Lesbian Sister In Years
Source: Duggar Family

The Duggar family has made no secret of the fact that they oppose gay marriage and homosexuality in general. And, they are so against it, that they even shun family members . Michelle Duggar’s sister, Evelyn Ruark, is a lesbian, and there is no evidence that the two have spoken since 2014.

No one has seen the siblings in any publicity or photos since their family reunion four years ago, and there is no proof that the two have talked since.

Ruark lives in Cincinnati and has been with her partner, Sharon Callahan, for thirty years. She hasn’t posted anything on social media since 2015 when she commented on a Facebook article about the mysterious death of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

"How can anyone take sides? We do not personally know any of these people. We only know what the media tells us," she wrote.


The comment could certainly relate to her own situation – where people don’t truly know her famous sister and her large family – but instead only know what the media tells them.

Ruark appeared in one episode of 19 Kids & Counting back in 2008, and she said that she was the third oldest daughter in the family. She also revealed that she believed her parents wanted two different families because Michelle and Carol were the “second generation.” They were not born until the oldest five children were pretty much grown.

Ruark is 67-years-old, while Duggar is 51.

The Duggar family matriarch recently had a makeover after sporting the same hairstyle – long brown curls – for nearly 20 years.


But recent photos show that she is now rocking a much smoother, straighter style. However, that’s not the only thing new going on in the reality star’s life.

Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob, have recently found themselves in the midst of a controversy after they promoted a book linked to a child abuse scandal.

It all started when their daughter Joy-Anna’s in-laws, who own a family camp and retreat center, invited Michael and Debi Pearl to speak this coming June. The Pearls wrote the book To Train Up A Child , and in it, they encourage parents to use a switch on a child as young as six months old to discourage bad behavior.

Police have found the book in the homes of three children who have died from child abuse.

Jim Bob and Michelle supported the couple and their book by promoting the Pearl’s visit to the camp on their Facebook page.

Fans will have the chance to find out more about what’s going on with Michelle Duggar and the whole Duggar family when Counting On airs Monday nights on TLC .


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