Counting On Star Jinger Duggar Pens Open Letter Following Jeremy Vuolo's Revelations That He Is Seduced By Other Women

Counting On Star Jinger Duggar Pens Open Letter Following Jeremy Vuolo's Revelations That He Is Seduced By Other Women
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Counting On star Jinger Duggar is preparing to move to Los Angeles this summer with her husband Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter, Felicity. And, before she moves even farther away from her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, the 26-year-old wanted to make sure they knew how much she appreciated the way they raised her.

Earlier this week, Jinger posted a lengthy, emotional letter on Instagram thanking her parents along with a picture from her wedding day that featured the former 19 Kids & Counting stars kissing Jinger on either side of her face.

“Dear Dad & Mom, I want to take a moment to express my deep love and gratitude for you. You two have impacted my life in ways that will forever be imprinted upon my heart. You not only taught us kids what it means to be a Christian but exemplified it by your daily walk with Christ,” wrote Jinger.

She went on to say that her parents’ training was not just words, but actions. And the greatest thing they instilled in their children was their love for God and others. Jinger said she was grateful for having godly parents who are role models, and she hoped that the Lord would grant her and Vuolo the same grace to raise Felicity with the same nurturing care and devotion.

The new mom ended the letter with, “Your grateful daughter, Jinge.”

According to Radar Online , the emotional post follows Jinger and Jeremy’s admission earlier this week on Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Behind the Scenes podcast that their marriage has its own struggles. Vuolo said that he has deleted the internet on his phone to avoid “impure thoughts,” and Jinger is in charge of his social media.

Vuolo confessed that he has had zero internet access in the past five years on his phone because he doesn’t want “all that temptation” in his hand. He explained that he wants to maintain purity in his thoughts and eyes, and he decided to get rid of the internet on his phone as an “accountability measure.”

Jinger Duggar added that they aren’t perfect, and they do struggle, but when Vuolo faces temptations, he talks to Jinger, and they pray together. Vuolo says that Jinger appreciates his honesty, and it builds her trust that he isn’t going behind her back.

Jeremy Roloff said that he was encouraged by Jeremy Vuolo’s admission, and noted that phones have the potential to destroy relationships.

“They are a distraction robbing us of precious time,” Jeremy Roloff added.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this year.


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