Counting On Star Jana Duggar's Complete Courting History Revealed!

Counting On Star Jana Duggar's Complete Courting History Revealed!
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Counting On star Jana Duggar is the only female in her family who is over 18 and not married, and this has led to years of fan speculation about possible suitors. With the new season of Counting On currently airing, now seems like the perfect time to review the 29-year-old’s courting history. Could this be the year that the oldest Duggar daughter finds love?

Tim Tebow

When Jana’s dad Jim Bob met with Pam Tebow back in 2014, he talked about it on social media, and it made fans crazy. Everyone immediately jumped to the conclusion that the meeting happened because Jim Bob and Pam’s kids - Jana and former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow - were dating.

Then, Jana’s cousin Amy sent the rumor mill into overdrive when she mentioned that she also had met Pam.

The rumor made sense, considering the fact that Tim often talked about his self-proclaimed virginity during his NFL career, and Jana comes from the most conservative family on the planet. But, it turned out the rumor wasn’t true. Tim has never met the Duggar family, and last month he proposed to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

Caleb Williams

When family friend Caleb Williams started popping up in Duggar social media posts back in 2017, the rumors of a possible love connection between him and Jana started to swirl. Eventually, he silenced the rumors with a Facebook post claiming that he and Jana have always been just friends.

Now, Williams is in some major trouble. According to Cheat Sheet , he is facing two Class C felony charges, with allegations that he sexually assaulted a minor. He is currently out on bond as he waits for his day in court.

The Duggar family has not publicly commented on the situation.

Laura Demasie

When 34-year-old Laura Demasie started popping up on multiple Duggar family Instagram feeds and was the event planner for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding, rumors of a relationship between her and Jana started to surface.

Then, Laura moved into the Duggar compound, and she and Jana appeared to be inseparable, which only added fuel to the rumor fire.

But, it turns out that Laura moved into the house to tutor and care for the young Duggar kids, and she and Jana are besties, not girlfriends.

Lawson Bates

As Counting On fans know, Jana and Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates have a lot in common. They both star in reality shows, they both come from ginormous families with 19 children, and they are both uber-religious.

The Bates and Duggars have been friends for years. And, when Lawson recently shared an Instagram post that featured Jana Duggar, he sparked rumors of a courtship. He ended up deleting the post, and Lawson’s parents Gil and Kelly have denied that their son is dating Jana.

Season 9 of Counting On airs Mondays on TLC.


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