Counting On Star Jana Duggar's Bestie Laura DeMasie Moving To Georgia, Did Jim Bob Order Her Out Of The State?

Counting On Star Jana Duggar's Bestie Laura DeMasie Moving To Georgia, Did Jim Bob Order Her Out Of The State?
Credit: Source: TLC

Ever since Laura DeMasie started popping up on the Duggar family social media pages, there have been rumors that she isn’t just best friends with Counting On star Jana Duggar - some have speculated that they are in love. Now, Laura is moving out of the Duggar house, and fans are wondering if Jana’s dad, Jim Bob, is behind the move.

Laura planned Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s wedding back in May 2017. And, after that, she moved into the Duggar’s Arkansas compound to help take care of the house and homeschool the younger children.

During that time Laura and Jana spent a ton of time together, and regularly made appearances on each other’s Instagram.

But, Jana - the oldest Duggar daughter - is 29 and single. And, in Duggar world that is unheard of. In fact, she is the only woman in the family who is over 18 and not married.

The Duggars believe that a woman’s main purpose in life is to marry and have children, and their strict religion does not support same-sex relationships. So, if Jana and Laura are more than just friends, it would not be something the family - especially the patriarch - would approve of.

According to Radar Online , Laura has the career goal of becoming an interior decorator and is moving to Georgia after accepting a position with Accent Decor, Inc. She made the announcement this past week on Facebook, telling fans that “we were created to create,” and design is her true calling.

With Laura’s sudden move - and the fact that Jana has said nothing about it - some are starting to wonder if Jim Bob is behind it all. With the Duggar brand being all about conservative family values, a gay daughter doesn’t fit. So, it is possible he would do anything he could to protect the media empire he has built over the past decade.

Is this a stretch? Maybe. But, Jana’s love life (or lack thereof) is a hot topic among Duggar fans. And, squashing the rumors of a lesbian relationship between Jana Duggar and Laura could be a top priority for Jim Bob.

Season 9 of Counting On premieres Monday, February 11th on TLC.


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  • Denise
    Denise Feb 17, 2019 4:40 AM PST

    Happy belated Valentine's day to the Dugger's I think people are hoping for drama in this family. One doesn't have to be gay to love and admire a person. Or enjoy spending time with them.God has other plans for Jana ,stop this nonsense .

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