Counting On Star Jana Duggar Just Rebelled Against Jim Bob In One Major Way

Counting On Star Jana Duggar Just Rebelled Against Jim Bob In One Major Way
Credit: Source: Duggar family

Counting On fans have waited a long time for the day when Jana Duggar got her own Instagram account — and the wait is officially over. The Counting On star just shared her first post on social media in what might be one of the most rebellious moves in the history of the Duggar family.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have strict rules against their children having social media accounts before marriage. Jana seems to have rebelled against those rules and is officially the first member of the Duggar family to be on social media without actively courting someone.

Although the move could be interpreted as rebellious behavior, Jana's first post featured members of her family, which Jim-Bob and Michelle would be hard pressed to argue against.

The Counting On star posted an adorable pic of Jessa Dugar and Ben Seewald's two children, Spurgeon and Henry. She captioned the pic by writing, "Best buddies."

Fans were obviously thrilled when they saw Jana's first post and eagerly welcomed her to Instagram . They also expressed an interest in seeing more photos and learning more about the Duggar's oldest daughter.

True to her religious upbringing, Jana also shared a bible verse as part of her official Instagram bio.

"This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust Him," she wrote.

According to Romper , Jana's social media activity has also sparked rumors that she is courting someone. Unfortunately, Jana quickly shut down the courting talk and revealed that she is not dating anyone at the moment.

In fact, Jana assured fans that her opening up a social media account is not against any family rule. She also stated that the courting rumors are pure coincidence and are not related to her Instagram .

That said, Jana Duggar was not featured on the promo pic for the new season of Counting On . This could be because she is getting ready to make a big announcement on the show, just like Jessa, who recently confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child.


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  • mrwmerwitzer
    mrwmerwitzer Jan 17, 2019 11:50 AM PST

    Congrats Jana on getting your own Instagram account.

  • Ladly Bug
    Ladly Bug Jan 16, 2019 10:10 PM PST

    Why would Jessa be leaving Counting On with her 3rd pregnancy? I would think they would want to continue being on the show as that is their meal ticket. None of the other men the girls married has a decent job except Jinger. So glad Jena & Jermey took time to spend with each other to get to know each other b4 popping out babies. I pray that Jana leaves home and make her own home start her own career instead of being the housemaid/cook/seamtress/ babysitter of all her sisters children along with her mothets kids. Michelle Duggar needs to tend to all the children she keeps popping out and learn to cook instead of the 5 y.o. & up cooking their own meals. They should be alloud to be childten.

  • Barbara Adams
    Barbara Adams Jan 16, 2019 7:30 PM PST

    I don't t h ink it honors our Lord and saviour Jesus C hrist to publish statements of conflict between the Duggar children and their parents.

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