Counting On Star Jana Duggar Defends Her Parents And Admits They Have Been Embroiled In 'Controversy'

Counting On Star Jana Duggar Defends Her Parents And Admits They Have Been Embroiled In 'Controversy'
Credit: Source: People

It doesn’t matter how many scandals the Duggar family goes through - or how much criticism they receive for their lifestyle choices - oldest daughter Jana Duggar is one of her parents’ biggest supporters. The Counting On star and her siblings recently remodeled Jim Bob and Michelle’s bedroom and bathroom, and Jana showed off the transformation on Instagram, along with her parents’ shocked reaction.

Because they are the “best parents ever,” Jana and her siblings worked for a week and a half while the parents were out of town to completely renovate the space, which featured new paint, new built-in cabinets, new furniture, new decor, and new bedding.

This was all Jana’s project, but she says she couldn’t have done it without her brothers and sisters.

“Sometimes you have to find ways to give back to those that have given so much to you!” wrote Jana. “We love and appreciate you so much Mom & Dad! 😊❤️.”

The 29-year-old posted a series of before and after photos, along with multiple videos showing her parents the room for the first time. The parents of 19 were definitely blown away by what Jana had done.

“Oh wow! I can’t believe it,” said Jim Bob. “I can’t believe it, mama. This is like paradise!”

Fans were equally impressed and praised Jana’s hard work, which included a complete gutting of the master bedroom and bathroom.

According to People Magazine , during the video, Jana explained all of the changes during the reveal videos, and her parents couldn’t stop smiling as they looked at every detail.

Many of Jana’s siblings joined her during the reveal, and Joy-Anna, who was shooting the video, said that they wanted to give their mom an elegant room that “feels like a queen’s palace” because she works so hard.

Jana revealed that her brothers built the cabinets from scratch, and her sister-in-law Anna made the new window seat cushions. Jana Duggar made it clear that she couldn’t have made it all happen without all of the help.

The Duggar family has a lot of experience with home remodeling. A significant part of the family fortune comes from real estate, and some of the kids have flipped houses for profit. However, this time around, they used their reno skills to do something nice for their parents.

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