Counting On Secrets Revealed! What Can We Expect From The Duggar Family In Season 9?

Counting On Secrets Revealed! What Can We Expect From The Duggar Family In Season 9?
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The Season 9 premiere of Counting On is almost here, and the trailer has already dropped hints about the changes and surprises in store for the Duggars. Fans will finally get the chance to see John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett exchange vows, but will there be more courtships and babies?

According to the Dishin’ on the Duggars podcast, one of the biggest questions is about the oldest daughter Jana because the trailer seems to indicate that the 29-year-old could be courting.

Since she is the only Duggar daughter over the age of 18 who isn’t married, fans have been waiting years for Jana to find the right guy. And she has fueled speculation by recently opening her own Instagram account. Traditionally, in the Duggar family, the kids don’t have social media accounts until they are courting or engaged. This whole storyline could possibly be a red herring for what the actual surprise is - a new baby.

Here’s the thing, it is extremely difficult for the Duggars to surprise fans with any news because they shoot episodes of Counting On months in advance and all of the married Duggars are on social media. They are pretty good at keeping fans up-to-date with courtships, engagements, weddings, and pregnancies, so fans should know everything that is going on before the premiere.

The trailer shows clips of Jinger Duggar giving birth to baby Felicity, John David’s proposal to Abbie Grace, and Josiah and Lauren’s honeymoon, but all of those things happened in July, so fans have known about those Duggar events for months.

The other “big surprise” possibility is Jessa’s third pregnancy, which she just announced in People Magazine last month. But, again, fans already know about the new Duggar baby, so seeing the announcement on Counting On wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Is it possible that there is some juicy Duggar detail that fans don’t know yet? They will have to wait for the new season to find out. But, as the Duggar podcast points out, the new episodes will probably be a re-hashing of things we already know.

Long gone are the days of 19 Kids & Counting when we didn’t know every Duggar detail before each episode aired.

Season 9 of Counting On premieres Monday, February 11th on TLC.


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