Counting On - Joy Anna Duggar Gives Fans A Baby Bump Update, But Some Fans Voice Concern About What They Saw In The Background

Counting On - Joy Anna Duggar Gives Fans A Baby Bump Update, But Some Fans Voice Concern About What They Saw In The Background
Credit: Source: Instagram

Counting On star Joy Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are currently expecting their second child, a little girl who is due in August. Duggar recently gave her nearly one million Instagram followers a baby bump update as she enters her third trimester, but some fans couldn’t help but notice what was going on in the background of the photo.

Duggar posted a mirror selfie from her bedroom, and in the caption she wrote “30 Weeks!” along with the hashtags, “#2monthstogo #3rdtrimester #30weeks #babygirl #summerbaby.” Her baby bump was on full display as she wore a fitted gray t-shirt and a knee-length black skirt.

Duggar’s good friend Carlin Bates from Bringing Up Bates commented that she couldn’t wait to meet Duggar’s little girl. She added that the Counting On star looked “so gorgeous” in the pic. However, what caught some fan's attention was the gun safe in the background of the photo.

“I want to speculate on what looks like a gun safe in the corner,” wrote a fan. “Besides guns, what other secrets could be locked away in the safe?”

A skeptic on Reddit wrote: “Oh god I missed the gun safe next to the bed...How romantic!” Another added, “The gun safe is not my idea of decor though.”

As fans know, the Duggar’s are vocal conservatives who do support gun ownership, and the family lives in rural Arkansas where hunting is a big part of life.

As one fan pointed out, they grew up with most of their friends’ parents having gun safes in their bedrooms. Kids don’t go into the room, so it seems like a good idea.

Another strange detail in the photo was a wood plank sitting on the bed beside Duggar. When one fan commented “Board on a mattress? Hmmmm,” Duggar replied: “haha, yes, just changed our mattresses around and the board was under our bed.”

Duggar and Forsyth are already the parents of two-year-old Gideon, and the young family has recently been sharing more about their daily life on social media and on their new YouTube channel Follow the Forsyths.

Joy Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth, and Gideon Forsyth will also be returning to TV screens soon when the new season of Counting On premieres on Tuesday, June 30.


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  • Jessica
    Jessica Jun 18, 2020 11:27 PM PDT

    Who cares if they have a gun safe in their room/house. Guess what guys a lot of people own guns. Again guns don't kill people, people kill people!!

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