Counting On - Josh Duggar Makes A Rare Appearance On Wife Anna's Instagram To Celebrate Her 32nd Birthday

Counting On - Josh Duggar Makes A Rare Appearance On Wife Anna's Instagram To Celebrate Her 32nd Birthday
Credit: Source: Instagram

Former 19 Kids and Counting star Anna Duggar turned 32 this week, and to celebrate the mom of six posted a series of pics on Instagram with a special message for her nearly one million followers. In two of the photos, Anna’s husband Josh - the disgraced oldest son of Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle - made a rare appearance on his wife’s social media account.

Anna shared four photos in her birthday post. The first one featured her and Josh with their youngest daughter, Maryella Hope. Two of the pics showed Anna on an outing with her sisters-in-law Joy Anna, Jessa, and Jana. And, Anna also shared a family photo with Josh and their six kids: Mackynzie, Meredith, Maryella, Michael, Marcus, and Mason.

“It’s official, I’m 32! It’s been such a special day! This morning some of my sisters-in-love and I enjoyed some girls time out catching up over brunch, followed by a pedicure & fun time plant shopping! 🌱,” wrote Anna in the caption. “This afternoon was spent with my kiddos - reading sweet birthday cards — and lots of hugs and kisses! 🥰”

Anna also revealed that she and Josh wrapped up her birthday with a dinner date to reminisce about their engagement that happened 12 years ago on her 20th birthday. The former reality star also said that she and Josh spent the evening dreaming about the exciting things that are in store for their family in the near future.

She finished up her post by reminding her fans just how important her faith is to her. Anna wrote that as she reflects on the kindness and grace of God throughout her life, she is reminded of God’s greatest gift: eternal life by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

As for Josh, 32, he rarely makes appearances on social media and is no longer part of his family’s reality TV endeavors. Back in 2015, Josh was part of two major scandals that led to him losing his job as a Washington DC lobbyist, and it also got him booted off of TLC.

The two scandals included a molestation incident with five underage girls back when he was a teenager , and four of those girls were his own sisters. Josh Duggar also got caught with an Ashley Madison account, and was busted cheating on his wife.

New episodes of Counting On - without Josh Duggar - return to TLC on June 30.


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