Counting On - Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Celebrate 36th Wedding Anniversary, But Their Kids Seemingly Forgot

Counting On - Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Celebrate 36th Wedding Anniversary, But Their Kids Seemingly Forgot
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Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary this week, but only two of their 19 children acknowledged the occasion on social media. On Wednesday, Jim Bob posted a special message for Michelle on their joint Instagram account @DuggarFam, and he included a pic from their wedding day on July 22, 1984.

“36 years ago today, at 10am, I married Michelle Ruark, my best friend!” wrote the father of 19. “I am so thankful for Michelle. She is such an incredibly loving wife and mother, and a virtuous woman who has a ministry mindset and a gracious spirit! She is beautiful inside and out!! Her life has impacted the world. I love you always, Michelle! ❤️ —Jim Bob”

While many of their 1.3 million Instagram followers shared congratulatory comments, only two of their 19 children posted messages.

Jim Bob and Michelle’s 23-year-old son Josiah - who is married to Lauren Swanson - thanked his parents for their dedication to each other, and for setting “such a wonderful example of a Godly and strong marriage.”

Their 25-year-old son Joseph - who is married to Kendra Caldwell - also told his “momma and pops” to have a “Happy Anniversary” message. He added that he and his siblings are blessed and grateful to have them as parents.

“Love y’all so much!” wrote Joseph.

Not all of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 kids have social media accounts, but the lack of messages from their children was noticeable. There was nothing from any of their daughters who are on social media: Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna.

Jill did post on Wednesday, but it was a promotion for her new partnership with ModLi. The mom-of-two shared several pictures of herself wearing modest swimwear, and she shared that she was “excited” to work with the brand.

Even though the majority of their kids didn’t mention Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s wedding anniversary, they didn’t forget about their parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year. There doesn’t seem to be much drama in the family at the moment, with the exception of Jill and her parents.

Jill has continued to pull away from her family ever since she and her husband, Derrick Dillard, left Counting On in 2017. In recent months, Dillard has revealed on social media that Jim Bob controls his kids’ finances, and he and Jill aren’t allowed at the family home if the patriarch isn’t there.


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