'Counting On' Fans Think That They Have Finally Figured Out The Reasons Jana Duggar Is Still Single

'Counting On' Fans Think That They Have Finally Figured Out The Reasons Jana Duggar Is Still Single
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Counting On star Jana Duggar is 29 and single, and fans just can’t handle it. Every Duggar female over the age of 18 is married with kids - except for Jana - and the theories about why she isn’t living the married life like her siblings are getting weirder by the day.

By far, the most popular theory about Jana’s single status is that she is gay but unable to come out because of her family’s fundamentalist beliefs. The Duggars are politically active social conservatives who have spoken out against gay marriage, so it’s safe to say that a gay Duggar doesn’t fit the family brand.

The biggest reason many fans believe that Jana is gay is because of her friendship with Laura DeMasie. The two women are extremely close and often appear on each other’s social media. DeMasie has also traveled with the Duggar family, and at one point she lived with Jana at Jim Bob and Michelle’s Arkansas home.

Earlier this year, DeMasie moved to Georgia, and the family has attempted to shut down the rumor that Jana is gay. But, not everyone is convinced that Jana and Laura’s friendship is strictly platonic.

Another popular theory is that Jana is single because her parents need a full-time nanny and force her to live at home so she can help raise her younger siblings. There is absolutely zero evidence to back up this theory. But, the Duggar women are not allowed to move out of the family home until they marry, so the simple fact that Jana is still living with her parents is enough for some fans to believe that her family is preventing her from living her own life.

Others believe that Jim Bob is keeping his oldest daughter single because she is secretly the one who leaked her brother Josh’s molestation scandal. Again, there is no evidence to back this up, but Counting On fans do enjoy their Duggar conspiracy theories.

If we listen to Jana’s actual words about her single status, it is clear that she hasn’t gotten married yet because she hasn’t found the right guy. It’s not uncommon for a 29-year-old woman to be single outside of Duggar world. But, it is out of the ordinary for a Duggar female to be patient and not marry the first guy that comes along.

Jana Duggar is living life on her terms as much as she possibly can. And, if that means she will be single in her 30s (she hits the big 3-0 in January), then more power to her.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this year.


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