Counting On Fans Think Jinger Duggar Will Follow Jessa Duggar And Reveal She Is Pregnant Too

Counting On Fans Think Jinger Duggar Will Follow Jessa Duggar And Reveal She Is Pregnant Too
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Is there another Duggar baby in the works? Counting On fans are convinced that the Duggars are about to make a second pregnancy announcement, and it is all because Jinger Duggar decided to drink tea instead of coffee.

The pregnancy rumors started after Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, posted a pic of her sipping tea on social media. Fans immediately thought the change in beverage choice meant that Jinger is pregnant, as coffee might not be the best thing for the baby.

“She loves cozy winter evenings with a good book and a cup of tea,” he wrote alongside the pic.

There is no telling if Jinger is actually pregnant until she confirms it herself. Although it would be great if she is expecting, it is entirely possible that Jinger was simply in the mood for tea and not coffee.

That said, Jinger is not shy about her addiction to coffee, which is usually her go-to drink. While we don’t have any hard evidence, it would not be surprising if Jinger gets pregnant soon. The Duggars are famous for having a multitude of children, and it is probably only a matter of time before Jinger expands the family by one more.

Jinger gave birth to her first child, Felicity, last July. She has not commented on having more kids, so we will not know for sure until she makes an announcement. We also do not know if she wants to have more children, though it is unlikely that she will stop at one.

According to In Touch Weekly , the rumors come weeks after Jessa Duggar confirmed that she is carrying her third baby. As of right now, Jessa is the only Duggar we know for sure is pregnant. Jessa announced her pregnancy right after TLC released new promo photos for the upcoming season of Counting On .

If Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her second child, we can only hope that producers will include her journey on the new season.

Counting On returns with new episodes later this year on TLC.


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