Counting On Fans Slam Jill Duggar After She Reveals Her Latest Parenting Tip

Counting On Fans Slam Jill Duggar After She Reveals Her Latest Parenting Tip
Credit: Source: Instagram

Jill Duggar recently shared a new parenting tip for her followers on social media . The former Counting On star posted a few pictures of herself on Instagram and later revealed that her son, Israel, was the man behind the camera.

“My little photographer is back at it again for me,” Duggar wrote alongside the photos. “And this time he kept telling me where I had to stand.”

Duggar needed an extra pair of hands to show off some new clothes she bought from Citrus and Lemon. Once the impromptu photo shoot was over, Duggar asked her son what he wanted in exchange for all his hard work.

According to OK Magazine , Israel took advantage of the situation and asked for a dill pickle from a nearby tree, which his mom thought was a clear sign he belongs in the Duggar family.

The post comes after fans slammed Duggar for killing a bee inside her home. The reality star, who shares two children with Derick Dillard, uploaded photos of her kill on social media and clearly indicated that she is not a fan of the flying insects.

While Duggar was happy to rid her home of the bee (and several wasps), fans quickly criticized her for killing an insect that is an integral part of our ecosystem.

In light of the negative responses, Duggar later clarified that she only kills bees that enter her home. She also revealed that her hatred for the insects started after a bee sting landed her on crutches.

The reality star is apparently allergic to bees and suffered from major swelling in her foot. She then assured all the haters that she likes bees but does not want them anywhere near her.

This is hardly the first time Duggar or her husband have been involved in a social scandal and likely won’t be the last. Dillard, of course, is usually the one who is getting himself in trouble, and was even fired from Counting On after sharing some controversial remarks about the LGBTQ community. Hopefully Jill Duggar has learned her lesson and won’t be killing anymore bees.


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