'Counting On' Fans Point Out That Michelle Duggar May Have Been The First Duggar To Rebel Against Jim Bob's Strict Rules

'Counting On' Fans Point Out That Michelle Duggar May Have Been The First Duggar To Rebel Against Jim Bob's Strict Rules
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Fans of Counting On are all too familiar with the long list of rules that Jim Bob Duggar enforces in his family – including no full-frontal hugs and no dancing –, but it appears that his wife Michelle may have been the first in the family to rebel against her husband’s strict no-fun policies. Was the Duggar matriarch the first woman in the family to wear pants?

A 2015 video of Michelle hitting the gym has resurfaced, and it features the mom of 19 wearing leggings. But, that isn’t the only time the 51-year-old has worn the daring style, she also wore pants on the beach back in December 2017.

In Touch Weekly reports that the picture of Michelle in pants has shocked fans, but it appears that she is taking notes from her rebel daughters, Jinger, Jill, and Jessa. Ever since they got married, all three of them have broken free from their father’s reign by wearing pants, and Jinger has even gone as far as wearing miniskirts, shorts, and heels.


We have been watching the daughter's style choices change for a few years now, but the news of Michelle’s adventure into wearing pants comes just after the revelation that she and Jim Bob never courted.

Jill admitted in 2014 that her parents got physical before saying “I do.”

"So, my parents, they um, did the traditional dating," the now 26-year-old dished. "So, when they were engaged, they spent a lot of time alone together. They said they saved intimacy for marriage, but they kissed."

So that means even Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t follow the rules that they impose on their 19 offspring. Courting is dating with the intention of marriage, but it doesn’t include any benefits like making out and holding hands.

Jill did add that her parents regretted their promiscuous decisions and says they wish they would have saved more of each other for themselves. But, she appreciates the wisdom her parents have spoken to her and her siblings’ lives and they now believe that courting is a “neat” idea.


It is difficult not to notice that the Duggars get engaged and married super-fast, and fans think it because of their human urges. And that makes sense, but some Reddit users are so shocked by the rushed relationships that they have started a thread about it. Some even believe that as soon as the Duggar kids talk about having any feelings or desires for the opposite sex, Jim Bob rushes in and finds them spouses, to avoid any more scandals.

Whatever the case may be, the truth is that when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were younger they did not live in a way that they now require from their children – Michelle even used to wear bikinis. So, no wonder their kids are in such a hurry to get married and get out of the house.

New episodes of Counting On will return later this summer on TLC.


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