'Counting On' Fans Outraged Over Pregnant Jinger Duggar's Latest Move

'Counting On' Fans Outraged Over Pregnant Jinger Duggar's Latest Move
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Counting On star Jinger Duggar is just days away from giving birth to her first child. But, she caused a stir with her fans this week when she posted a pic of herself and her husband Jeremy Vuolo on a double date with John David Duggar and his new girlfriend Abbie Grace Burnett because it appeared that the mom-to-be dyed her hair. Jinger’s latest pic has sparked a debate about the safety of using hair dye during pregnancy. Is the 24-year-old guilty of committing a major expectant mom no-no?

Jinger does appear to be glowing in the pic, and her highlighted hair looks amazing, but some fans are calling her out for using hair dye during pregnancy, claiming that it isn’t safe for her fetus.


"I’m a licensed cosmetologist and coloring is fine. We do recommend holding off [on] the bleach [until you’re] done with pregnancy, but it’s really to each his own!” commented one fan.

Another of Jinger’s followers wrote that since the Duggars use midwives instead of doctors, it is possible they don’t know that it isn’t safe to color your hair when pregnant.

According to In Touch Weekly, the American Pregnancy Association says that most of the research indicates that the chemicals in permanent and semi-permanent hair dye are “not highly toxic” and safe for pregnant women to use. And, they also say that the skin could only absorb small amounts of dye, and very little would be able to reach the fetus.

But, the battle continued in the comments section of Jinger’s pic, with some claiming that they have always heard dying your hair during pregnancy was an “absolute no,” and others asking how you can do it safely.


One fan said she was told dying her hair during pregnancy would harm the baby, but things must have changed.

Other women admitted that they continued to color their hair while pregnant and doctors never said anything. One fan said her kids are now in their 20’s and “perfect in every way.”

Tami Rowen, a University of California, San Francisco OB-GYN says that the riskiest time during a pregnancy is during the first twelve weeks, and if women are concerned about hair dye they should wait until their second trimester. But, since Jinger is 38 weeks along and fully grown, there is very little risk.

It appears that Jinger hand-painted her highlights using the balayage technique, which means the dye didn’t touch her scalp and her bloodstream didn’t absorb it. And, if fans are worried about Jinger using hair dye while breastfeeding, they shouldn’t be. It is highly unlikely that the chemicals would enter the milk and pose a risk to the baby.

Jinger Duggar returns for Season eight of Counting On July 30th on TLC.


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  • Barbara Burke
    Barbara Burke Jul 8, 2018 4:42 PM PDT

    Dying the hair during pregnancy is not going to hurt the baby...if it did we would have a bunch of freaky kids running around...oh, wait we do. Not harmful at all!

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