Counting On Fans Blast Jill Duggar's Latest Wardrobe Fail

Counting On Fans Blast Jill Duggar's Latest Wardrobe Fail
Credit: Source: Instagram

Former Counting On star Jill Duggar is in the hot seat over her latest wardrobe choice. Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, visited a cemetery to pay their respects to Dillard's father, but it was Duggar's outfit that grabbed all the attention.

Duggar and her husband were at the grave site over Father's Day and posed alongside their children and other members of the Dillard clan. While the outing was in honor of the holiday, fans of TLC's hit reality series blasted Duggar for wearing a modern getup to the gravesite, complete with a roomy white top and green pants.

"Where r ur pants from?!," one fan asked on Instagram, while another added, "Iron your pants you are modeling them for $."

In response to the backlash, Duggar explained her wardrobe choice in a separate post. The former reality star revealed that her clothes came from Juniper Anne Boutique, which is owned by a family friend named Elisheba Berry. Duggar tagged Berry and her company in the caption of her photo. According to The Hollywood Gossip , 10 percent of the proceeds from the boutique are donated to a shelter that helps out abused women.

This is not the first time Duggar has rocked pants in a photo. In fact, Duggar has shared quite a few photos of herself in blue jeans over the years, most of which proved just as controversial. As Counting On fans are fully aware, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have strict rules regarding fashion and do not think women should wear pants.

Fashion controversies aside, Duggar has also received a lot of criticism over how she raises her children. Despite the backlash, Duggar recently shared some tips on how she disciplines her two children.

Jill Duggar revealed that parents should be more aware of how they talk to their kids because this eventually becomes the main inspiration for their inner voice. Duggar shares two children with Dillard, who was booted from Counting On after making scandalous remarks on social media.


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