Counting On Fans Are Furious Over Derick Dillard's Latest Lies On Social Media

Counting On Fans Are Furious Over Derick Dillard's Latest Lies On Social Media
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Derick Dillard is in the hot seat once again for posting an outright lie on social media .The former Counting On star tweeted a lengthy article about how he lost over 250 pounds a few years ago. The story would have been an inspiring way to start the new year, if it were true.

Dillard wrote in great detail about how he struggled to lose weight and was over 400 pounds in 2011. After making a resolution on New Year's Eve, he claims he lost 250 pounds in three months.

But towards the end of the article, Dillard admitted that his weight loss story is pure fiction.

Dillard then offered a guide on how people can reach their goals before writing that nothing matters "unless it's done for the one true God."

Counting On fans did not react well to the lie. According to The Hollywood Gossip , fans immediately slammed Dillard on Twitter for posting what amounts to clickbait and lying about a sensitive subject like weight loss.

"Oh, I just read the whole thing," on user wrote. "Shame on you for pretending to have a significant weight problem as clickbait for your blog."

Dillard was clearly using people's desire to lose weight at the start of a new year to attract them to his website. The ploy may have increased his blog's popularity in the short term, but it definitely damaged his already poor public image.

The weight loss lie, of course, is not the first time Dillard has faced controversy on social media.

He was fired from Counting On after making transphobic comments about TLC star Jazz Jennings on Twitter .

Dillard has also been called a scam artist for asking fans to contribute money to his GoFundMe page so that he can do things at his local church.

You would think that Dillard would have learned his lesson by now, but he clearly thinks he can get away with anything.

Based on his behavior so far, this probably won't be the last time Derick Dillard posts something controversial.

Counting On returns with new episodes this year on TLC.


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