Counting On - Amy Duggar Gets Real About Life As A First-Time Mom

Counting On - Amy Duggar Gets Real About Life As A First-Time Mom
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Counting On star Amy Duggar has been a mom for almost one month, and she’s showing her fans exactly what life is like when you’re a first-time mom who’s navigating life with a newborn. The 33-year-old got candid on Instagram this week, telling her fans that it’s ok to post natural pics and videos of real life instead of always using filters, beauty apps, or editing.

Duggar and her husband Dylan King welcomed their son Daxton Ryan King on October 9th, and Duggar has had a serious reality check about life with a new baby. While she has posted sweet pics of Dax from different photo shoots - as well as their first family photo - Duggar said in a video on her Instagram Stories that it’s okay to post pictures of real life and soak in the moment.

At that point, she panned the camera to a sleeping Dax, and Duggar exclaimed, “He’s so cute!” She then added that it’s ok to post when you’re not 100 percent.

Duggar also posted a pic of her breastfeeding Dax while slouching on the couch with her eyes closed, and she wrote in the caption that pretty poses, makeup, and photoshoots are great, but it’s not real.

“Life isn’t perfect, and I don’t want the people who follow me to think that!” wrote Duggar. “So, this is the real me in real-time living my best life!” Hot tea in hand, ice water leaned up against me, half-dressed and completely worn out!”

Duggar also thanked her mom for taking the picture so she could catch some ZZZs.

Counting On fans absolutely loved the relatable pic, and they wrote in the comments that the image was “postpartum at its finest.” The photo reminded many of Duggar’s followers about their days as a new mom, with one describing it as “exhausting,” and another calling the pic “beautiful” and “real motherhood.”

Another fan told Duggar to enjoy “that fourth trimester even if it’s super exhausting.”

When Duggar shared her first family pic, she apologized for being a little MIA, but she’s just a new mom who is soaking it all in - her son’s smiles, running on two hours of sleep, the late night diaper changes, and the early morning feedings.

Despite the challenges, Amy Duggar is loving life as a new mom. And right now, she jokingly describes herself as a “really swollen, exhausted, happy cow.”

New episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.


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