Corinne Olympios Speaks On Her Former Engagement: "It Just Wasn't Right"

Corinne Olympios Speaks On Her Former Engagement: "It Just Wasn't Right"

Corinne Olympios revealed that her engagement just wasn't going to work out. After finishing the 21st season of "The Bachelor," the 25-year-old received a wedding proposal from her ex-boyfriend, Nick Viall.

Corinne revealed that she "did not see it coming" because it "just happened." At the time, Nick was talking to her parents, and she claimed it "came out of nowhere."

Viall got down on one knee, and he had a ring to give to the Bachelor In Paradise star. When appearing on The Morning Breath show on Tuesday, Corinne said she had been engaged before Nick, but no one knew about it.

She said, "we were engaged for about three months, " but they had to break up because "things were getting way too difficult." Corinne explained, "It wasn't working" and as a result, her ex-fiancé went his way, and she went her way.

Despite Corinne not saying the identity of the man, she did share a couple of details regarding her ex while on The Morning Breath.

The reality star had "tattoos removed" because her man of the time was very religious. According to Olympios, he couldn't marry her because of the tattoos, and that's why they had to come off.

Even though she had a lot of feelings for him, it didn't work out because it was always "on and off" which was hard to get used to. The 25-year-old stated their relationship was turbulent, in the sense that it was ever fluctuating between almost getting married and breaking up. It was just too much, and they had to end it in the end. She said, "It just wasn't right."


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