Corinne Olympios Says Plastic Surgery Rumors Are Bogus

Corinne Olympios Says Plastic Surgery Rumors Are Bogus

Corinne Olympios denies that she had surgery on her face, despite her brand new look. The 26-year-old reality star set the speculation straight after fans on her Instagram talked endlessly about her gorgeous - but different - appearence.

In her Instagram Story, The Bachelor alum said on the 27th of November, "I just thought I'd come in here and say hi because all of y'all are freaking out about my pictures, saying that I got plastic surgery," and Corinne said "no," it's "still" her.

Fans of hers online suggested that she may have received lip injections, due to them appearing more full and accentuated, in addition to the way her cheeks have changed.

According to the 26-year-old, she finds it incredibly sad that she has to prove herself to her fans and followers, by posting a selfie online without any makeup or filters.

On Tuesday, Corinne posted a photo of herself with boyfriend, Jon Yunger, in which her fans accused her of showing off her brand new - supposed - plastic surgery.

One person wrote, "I can't believe she got plastic surgery and fillers on her face, it looks straight terrible." As most know, this isn't the first time Corinne has fought back against rumors that she has endured an aesthetic surgical procedure.

A little over a year ago in August of 2017, The Bachelor alum tweeted a picture of her with the caption, "not injections," and told her fans and followers to simply "get over it." While there has been no surgery, Corinne admits she has made some adjustments.

According to Olympios, these days, she's far more focused on sporting a style that's exceptionally "girly." It's "weird," but she's slowly moving in such a direction.

Corinne is no stranger to gossip and contention. Last year, she and DeMario Jackson were involved in a sexual misconduct controversy where DeMario was made to look like a sexual predator.

However, after a completed investigation, Warner Brothers announced the video footage had completely vindicated him. Later on, DeMario demanded the company to release the tapes, but they never did.

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