Corey Haim's Light Still Shines As Fans Petition For A Star On Hollywood's Walk Of Fame

Corey Haim's Light Still Shines As Fans Petition For A Star On Hollywood's Walk Of Fame
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Corey Haim was one of Hollywood's most beloved teen stars and his light still shines brightly today. Known for films such as  The Lost Boys , Lucas , License to Drive , and Firstborn , the world deeply grieved when Corey passed away from pneumonia at the age of 38-years-old. Now fans, are signing a petition hoping the 80's icon will be given a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Born in Ontario, Canada, fans want to see Corey Haim with two stars: One on Hollywood's Walk of Fame as well as the Canadian Walk of Fame. Many fans have taken notice that upon the teen idol's passing, he was one of the stars who wasn't mentioned in the Academy-Awards in-memoriam.

No reason was ever given for the omission and the slight is a permanent stain on Haim's legacy . Fans agree that one way to make up for the dismissal and show the star the honor he is due is to give him his own star on Hollywood's walk of fame.

You may see the petition in the link below.

Those who have signed the petition left various reasons why they believe Corey Haim deserves a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Though a Canadian actor, Corey Haim is equally beloved and missed in both Canada and America. His good looks and charm come across on the silver screen and he has a strong following of young, teenage fans who hold the actor in as high regard today as screaming fans did in the eighties.

Haim was not only a charismatic, handsome actor, but he drew critical acclaim and praise for his work, even at a young age.

In 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989, Corey Haim was nominated for the Young Artist's Award for his work in the movies Firstborn, A Time to Live, Lucas, The Lost Boys , and License to Drive .

Corey Haim won the award twice. The first win was in 1987 for A Time to Live and second win was in 1989 for License to Drive.

What do you think about Corey Haim being honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame? Do you think he should have one in both America and Canada?

Are you going to sign the petition?

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