Corey Feldman Will Return To The Wendy Williams Show On Tuesday To Talk His Movie My Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys

Corey Feldman Will Return To The Wendy Williams Show On Tuesday To Talk His Movie My Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys
Credit: Source: Corey Feldman/Getty/Wendy Williams Show

Corey Feldman is making media rounds as he promotes his upcoming movie My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys and on March 3, 2020, Corey Feldman will appear on The Wendy Williams Show. Corey previously appeared on the show at the launch of his book Coreyography, where he opened up about his painful experiences in Hollywood. Corey Feldman has sounded the alarm that Hollywood has a pedophile problem for over a decade and he finally has the means to reveal the names of six predators whom he says abused him and his friend Corey Haim during the height of their careers.

Though Corey first revealed the names of pedophiles who had abused him to police in 1993, when he was questioned about Michael Jackson, authorities failed to act on the information he had given them. It has taken Corey Feldman over 25 years to get the insurance and legal issues are taken care of so that he could come forward and tell his story to the public and reveal the names of the predators he says sexually and emotionally abused himself and Corey Haim.  Corey Feldman announced that he will name six names of predators in the movie that premieres on March 9, 2020, for a two-day premiere.

Corey Feldman tweeted about being on the show Monday and he and his wife Courtney Anne thanked Wendy Williams for helping to spread the word about his movie.

You may see the tweet that Corey Feldman shared with his followers below.

Corey Feldman appeared on The Wendy Wiliams Show back in 2013, when he wrote his autobiography Coreyography following the death of his good friend Corey Haim. Corey opened up to Wendy about some of the abuse, but the show blocked out several names due to legal purposes.

It is unclear at this point whether Corey will let Wendy Williams see the movie as she did with Dr. Oz. During the movie, Corey Feldman reveals the name of the man who allegedly raped Corey Haim.

You may see a video clip from Corey Feldman's last visit to the Wendy Williams Show in the video player below.


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