Corey Feldman Will Re-Release His Documentary (My) Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys

Corey Feldman Will Re-Release His Documentary (My) Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys
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Corey Feldman held a Twitter live on Friday, March 27, 2020, where he updated the public on several events that have transpired since launching his documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys. The movie's official release was set for March 9, 2020, the night before the ten-year anniversary of fellow actor (and subject of the film) Corey Haim's death. Feldman scheduled a live screening for those who bought a $20 ticket to coincide with the premiere that took place at the Directors Guild of America (DGA).  Celebrities such as Rosanna Arquette, Dave Navarro, Jamie Kennedy, and Chris Kattan were in attendance.

As soon as the movie was about to stream live, the movie wouldn't play. Corey Feldman's official website had crashed earlier and people became distraught as they were unable to see the movie. By March 10, 2020, Corey Feldman, once again, found himself accused of scamming audiences and even talk show host, Wendy Williams, who had just days before praised Corey Feldman on her television show turned acrimonious.

Corey Feldman shared updates on his official Twitter account and promised that he was doing everything in his power to make sure audience members could see the movie. Assuring fans that he didn't scam them or take their money without delivering a movie, he announced his team was "investigating" what happened.

He later announced that his team concluded the site had suffered a DDoS attack, a form of hacking when you want to remove a site from operation.

To ensure that everyone who paid for the movie would have a chance to see it, Corey Feldman made it available, on-demand, 24/7, for one week.

Still, some are saying they haven't been able to watch the movie.

During Corey Feldman's Twitter live, he announced that the movie will be re-released in April so those who have yet to see it will have a chance.

Corey Feldman also revealed that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he is out of the United States and he and his wife, Courtney Feldman, are unable at this time to return home.

You may see the first part of Corey Feldman's Twitter live below.

There were technical difficulties and Corey Feldman's live stream lost connection. Here is the second part.

You may see the third and final portion from Corey Feldman's Twitter live stream below.

Are you going to watch Corey Feldman's documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys when it streams again in April?

What do you think about the allegations that Corey Feldman and others made, saying that Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim when he was the Lost Boys' actor was 13-years-old?

Charlie Sheen denied the rape allegation s by releasing a statement through his publicist.

Disclosure: Charisse Van Horn has had personal communication with Corey Feldman, members of the Wolfpack and Feldfam. She has never had private, direct communication with Judy Haim or Charlie Sheen.


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