Corey Feldman, Sean Hannity Full Interview

Corey Feldman, Sean Hannity Full Interview
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Sean Hannity interviewed Corey Feldman on November 6, 2017, for what was a very enlightening discussion. Feldman appeared on the show with his wife Courtney Feldman and discussed his Truth Campaign that is currently raising funds for a movie to fight Hollywood pedophilia.

With a flexible goal of $10 million, Corey continues to get his message out, share his personal battles, and work his way towards achieving the finances needed to produce the movie and hire both a security and legal team to provide protection he feels is necessary as he targets what he believes is a Hollywood pedophile ring. Hannity shared many of Feldman's views regarding Hollywood and was very supportive throughout the interview.

Sean Hannity also revealed personal outrage to Hollywood being infiltrated by pedophiles as he too has embarked upon independent film production having executively produced the new Kevin Sorbo directed film Let There Be Light.

There's no word yet if eventually, Feldman may partner with Hannity or Sorbo to produce his documentary or if he will handle all of it on his own.

Corey Feldman shared a YouTube video from the Hannity interview and remarked on Twitter that he had heard Hannity could be a bit mean, but was pleasantly surprised by how nice he was.

You may hear the full interview in the video player below.

The interview begins with a clip from Corey Feldman being interviewed by Matt Lauer for Today . The interview was contentious and immediately drew social media backlash. Feldman had been interviewed by Megyn Kelly on NBC and that interview wasn't well received either.

The Hannity interview differed from those with Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly as Hannity didn't have an accusatory tone nor question him regarding his Truth Campaign and goal of $10 million or try to get Feldman to name names on the program.

Since Corey Feldman appeared on NBC he has come forward with two of his abusers' names, thanks to the help of Dr. Oz. Corey Feldman has named two convicted sexual predators (they weren't convicted or registered sex offenders when Feldman first went public with his allegations) as his perpetrators. They are Martin "Marty" Weiss and Jon Grissom.

Feldman explained that his goal is to create awareness to what is really happening in Hollywood and likened it to a battle between good and evil.

Are you following Corey Feldman's fight to rid Hollywood of pedophiles? What did you think of his interview with Sean Hannity?

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