Corey Feldman Says He May Borrow $2 Million To Release Movie The Rape Of Two Coreys — Some Say He Should Release It For Free

Corey Feldman Says He May Borrow $2 Million To Release Movie The Rape Of Two Coreys — Some Say He Should Release It For Free
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Corey Feldman may borrow an additional $2 million to release the movie he crowdfunded for The Rape of Two Coreys, according to a new report by the Daily Mail. The movie has been controversial as Corey Feldman states he will expose Hollywood predators that sexually assaulted him and fellow teen heartthrob, Corey Haim, back in the 80s. Corey Haim passed away on March 10, 2010, and is no longer here to tell his story or experiences. Corey's mother, Judy Haim, opposes Corey Feldman's efforts in speaking for her son. Corey Feldman insists that Corey Haim wanted his story told — and not only told him this while he was living but psychic medium Tyler Henry seemed to confirm it during an episode of Hollywood Medium.

Feldman launched two campaigns beginning at the end of 2017: Indigogo and GoFundMe. The funds raised from both campaigns were to be used in creating what Feldman originally described as a groundbreaking movie that would reveal the truth of Hollywood predators within the industry. Due to legal issues, Corey Feldman failed to name all of the sexual predators he knew of in his book Coreyography but would reveal the truth in a movie. Those who donated to the campaigns have waited for the movie's release, but to no avail.

From the article, "Beset with legal problems and funding issues, Feldman says he might be forced to borrow around $2million for a distribution deal for The Rape Of Two Coreys."

Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign Go Fund Me is still active and received donations as recently as two months ago. He had set a target goal of $100,000 and raised $39,375. He initially set his Indiegogo campaign at $1,000,000 and ultimately raised $273,151. Feldman has stated the movie is complete, but he's having trouble finding a distribution company that will release it. Now some are saying that he should release the movie on YouTube or follow in the footsteps of Gabe Hoffman from An Open Secret and release the movie for free on Vimeo.

In the interview with the Daily Mail, Corey Feldman compared Hollywood's pedophilia problem and cover up to that of the Roman Catholic Church. He also accused Hollywood leaders and SAG of turning a blind eye to the situation and failing to take much-needed action that would protect children.

You may see Corey Feldman's statements in the article below.

What do you think? Should Corey Feldman borrow money to distribute the film or do you think he should release it for free on YouTube or Vimeo?

Did you support Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign? Are you disappointed that the movie hasn't been released yet?


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