Corey Feldman Releases Video Update After Rolling Stone Interview Goes Viral — Talks Michael Jackson

Corey Feldman Releases Video Update After Rolling Stone Interview Goes Viral — Talks Michael Jackson
Credit: Source: Corey Feldman/Instagram

Corey Feldman granted Rolling Stone an interview that was released online this week and hits newsstands on May 7, 2019. The online version has gone viral and prompted Corey Feldman to release a video update due to certain questions and comments readers had. More specifically, Corey Feldman found himself speaking out about Michael Jackson once again and assuring MJ's fans that he is still a friend to the family.

Feldman reiterated the position he took when he appeared on HLN after the premiere of HBO's Leaving Neverland shook the world with new allegations of sexual abuse levied by Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck.

Corey Feldman clarified that he is working on his own documentary Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys  and stated that Leaving Neverland hadn't been released at the time he did the Rolling Stone interview. He stated his documentary isn't about Michael Jackson, but about the sexual abuse he and best friend Corey Haim suffered while child and teen actors.

Corey Feldman stated the following.

"Now, I know that there's a lot of Michael Jackson fans that were upset because his name was included in the article. Well, guess what, I was upset that his name was included in the article. When we did this, original interview, it was a year ago and the documentary [Leaving Neverland] wasn't even a topic. So, I've stated what I needed to say about Michael. I've defended him for years and I took the position that I recently took which was on headline news and you can hear my position there. I don't need to clear it up, I don't need to restate it. However, when something like this happens and you know, part of a conversation that happened after the interview is included into the magazine, it sounds like it's my idea or I'm trying to put this in there, and that's not the facts."

You can see Corey Feldman's interview with Rolling Stone in the link below.

You may see Corey Feldman's update and discussion about Michael Jackson and the upcoming movie Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys in the video player below.

What do you think about the Rolling Stone interview and Corey Feldman's announcement that the movie will be released this year? Are you a fan of Michael Jackson's? Do you agree or disagree with Corey Feldman's position on Leaving Neverland and the allegations Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck made against Michael?


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