Corey Feldman Releases Tribute Video For Corey Haim On The Ninth Anniversary Of Actor's Death

Corey Feldman Releases Tribute Video For Corey Haim On The Ninth Anniversary Of Actor's Death
Credit: Source: Corey Feldman/YouTube

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were known at the "The Two Coreys" and starred in 12 movies together including the eponymous television reality program before Haim's untimely death on March 10, 2010. Now, on the ninth anniversary of Corey Haim's death, Corey Feldman has released a tribute video with an original song in honor of his friend's passing.

Corey Feldman has made headline news recently due to the aftermath that followed from the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland  and new allegations Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck made saying for years they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson. As a teen idol, Corey Feldman was in the heart of Hollywood's scene and has said for years that the industry's greatest problem was pedophilia. Corey Feldman recently clarified his position on the allegations against Michael Jackson saying though he didn't judge him, he could no longer defend him.

Corey Feldman has spoken out for years since Corey Haim's death saying that both Coreys were sexually abused by an industry that exploited their youth, looks, and talent and covered up the abuse they endured. Corey Feldman has indicated he believes that the sexual abuse they both suffered led to years of substance abuse and other problems in both men's personal lives.

Feldman has vowed to release a documentary that will shed light on Hollywood's pedophile problem and hopefully bring justice to both Coreys as well as help other victims of Hollywood pedophilia.

Though there was great speculation on how Corey Haim passed away, the cause of death is listed as pneumonia.

Corey Feldman released the video tribute to Corey Haim on his official YouTube channel. It is called "U R Free."

In the video's description, Corey Feldman reiterated his pledge to Corey Haim to tell the story of both men's victimization and abuse in Hollywood.

Corey Feldman wrote the following in the video's description.

"2 Corey, its been 9 lonely yrs w/o U. I made U this video collage using some of R private photos that have never been seen or released 2 the public including the last 2 pics I ever took of U, that were taken just days b4 U passed. It is created using a bit of a new song that I wrote 4 U. I promised U a decade ago that I would complete this mission & tell your story. I LOVE U 4 EVER U R MY BROTHER, & I would never let U down! I give U my word B4 the 10th Anniversary the whole #TRUTH will hav been told & the process of bringing your abusers 2 justice will have begun, I #BELIEVE we will BOTH get justice 4 the crimes done 2 us as children. I'll NEVER GIVE UP, & I'll NEVER QUIT! God B with us brother Corey, and God bless all victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse! #RIPCOREYHAIM #THETRUTHISCOMING #TRUTHDOC #Kids2"

Corey Feldman has stated in multiple interviews that he is nearing completion on his documentary and is looking for distribution.

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