Corey Feldman Provides Truth Campaign Update — Watch Video

Corey Feldman Provides Truth Campaign Update — Watch Video
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Actor and activist Corey Feldman provided an update for his Truth Campaign on Nov. 27, 2017. The update was taped approximately one week prior but was kept on hold due to the untimely passing of teen idol David Cassidy. The two shared the same publicist and Feldman didn't want to be a distraction. Though some thought the video wouldn't surface, Feldman uploaded the video to his official YouTube and campaign accounts and assured the public the campaign is on track. More videos and updates will come in the future, along with more work with Dr. Oz.

The Truth Campaign is Corey Feldman's answer to what he has described as the number one problem for child actors: pedophilia. He has publicly talked about pedophiles in Hollywood since 2011, and in the 2002 True Crime show Celebrity Justice , host Jane Velez-Mitchell broadcasted the 1993 Santa Barabara police tape where Feldman stated he had been molested. You can see those videos below.

He spoke out publicly again in 2013 and is now moving full-speed ahead to make a permanent change in Hollywood. At the same time, he is facing negativity, backlash, a lack of support from Hollywood, while his reach with the public is growing exponentially.

His campaign update video has gone viral and has garnered more than 45,000 views in less than 24 hours. His original Truth Campaign video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

During a recent interview with Dr. Oz, it was confirmed that former child actors support Feldman, but are fearful to come forward with their stories of abuse. Feldman states he does not believe the people who abused him did so as isolated incidents, but that there was a network of powerful pedophiles who were, and most likely are still operating in Hollywood today.

Three components make Feldman's Truth Campaign: legal, security, and crowdfunding a movie based on his life. There is some confusion about the movie Feldman is crowdfunding for as there is a 2018 movie slated for Lifetime called The Two Coreys .

The Two Coreys is a biopic about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. It is not the movie about Corey Feldman's personal experience within Hollywood and being abused by members of a powerful pedophile ring.

Because Corey Feldman plans to expose Hollywood power-players, he is fearful for his life and wants security. He believes an attempt may have already been made on his life when he and several band members were nearly struck by two semi-trucks.

Feldman believes divine intervention saved his life that day. You may hear more information about that in the first Truth Campaign video.

He is also crowdfunding to pay for a legal team to protect himself from defamation as he goes forward and depicts the true names of the abusers in the film.

The Truth Campaign update lowers the overall amount of the campaign from $10 million to $1 million. With $1 million he hopes to have enough to make the movie and pay for a legal team. That campaign is the IndieGoGo and is at the 25 percent mark.

Feldman is raising money for security through a GoFundMe campaign.

You may hear Corey Feldman speak to police about being molested while in Hollywood back in 1993. The police did not take an official report or investigate the claims.

When Corey Feldman spoke to the police it was within the statute of limitations. He has since filed a new police report but due to the statute of limitations, the investigation was dropped.

Feldman is supporting a petition for Corey's Law, which seeks to overturn the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases. You can find links to each part of the campaign including the petition for Corey's Law below.

Are you following Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign? Have you contributed? What do you think about the movies coming out of Hollywood and the recent scandals?

Do you believe there is a problem with pedophiles in Hollywood?

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