Corey Feldman Leaves Wendy Williams Speechless — Watch Full Video Interview As Viewers Prepare For My Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys

Corey Feldman Leaves Wendy Williams Speechless — Watch Full Video Interview As Viewers Prepare For My Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys
Credit: Source: Wendy Williams

Corey Feldman appeared on T he Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday to discuss his upcoming movie My Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys. Wendy introduced Corey to her audience and pointed out that for as long as she had known him, he has always told the same story of childhood abuse that he endured while working as a child actor in Hollywood. Feldman is promoting his movie that will air globally on March 9, 2020, at 8 p.m. PT, 11 p.m. ET on the website and ticket prices are $20 each. A second showing for those in Europe will be held on March 10, 2020.

It was evident that Wendy Williams was emotional listening to Corey Feldman share his truth. Corey spoke about the history of Hollywood's treatment regarding child stars and pointed out that those who speak out are often silenced, blackballed, or intimidated. He also made it clear that he will be naming six names in the movie and used his own money to create the documentary. When he discussed his own fears of what he was facing by naming six Hollywood predators, Wendy became speechless. Corey remarked that he had never seen her speechless before.

Not only will Corey Feldman discuss his own molestation that he suffered at the hands of those who were entrusted with his care, but he will address rape allegations that Corey Haim spoke to him before he passed away. Corey Feldman is prepared to reveal the name of Corey Haim's alleged rapist and he has said that after the name is revealed, there will be a Harvey Weinstein type of fallout.

You may see Corey Feldman's full interview with Wendy Williams in the video player below.

Not everyone agrees with Corey Feldman speaking on behalf of Corey Haim and his abuse, but Corey says that his friend had asked him to tell his story if something ever happened to him.

Wendy also pointed out that Corey Haim's mother, Judy Haim, was not in favor of him talking about Corey Haim's abuse. Feldman stated that he doesn't want to silence anyone and the documentary will present Judy Haim's arguments in a fair manner.

Since launching his Truth Campaign in 2017, Corey Feldman has become an ambassador with the think tank Child USA and sits on a Screen Actor's Guild committee where he helps oversee changes to protect children in the industry.

Are you going to watch My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys on March 9 or March 10?


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