Corey Feldman Files Police Report On Men He Alleges Sexually Abused Him With The Los Angeles Police Department

Corey Feldman Files Police Report On Men He Alleges Sexually Abused Him With The Los Angeles Police Department
Credit: Source: Corey Feldman Facebook

Corey Feldman has filed an official police report on the men he alleges sexually abused him while a teen in Hollywood. With rumors of a suspected pedophile ring operating in Hollywood throughout the 80s, and possibly even today, many took to social media networks to inquire how far up the investigation will go. Though Corey Feldman is far past the statute of limitations deadline, there are many positive outcomes that can be produced by filing the report. This marks the first time that Corey Feldman has officially filed a police report that includes naming those he says sexually abused him.

Feldman shared the news on his official Twitter feed, and many people responded with their support for the actor who is inching closer to justice.

Corey Feldman has launched a $10 million fundraising campaign where he wants to raise funds to produce a movie based on the abuse he's endured. He states that by the time the movie is finished, people will know the names of all of his alleged abusers.

He also plans to use some of the Truth Campaign funds for a legal team and to provide security. Feldman has repeatedly stated that he fears for his safety as he intends to reveal the names of all of his abusers. Previously, he's indicated there are six names that he can identify who may be part of a pedophile ring.

Two of his abusers are now convicted sex offenders. He released their names as Martin "Marty Weiss and Jon Grissom.

Corey Feldman is getting plenty of support from social media users, but many hope that more celebrities will become vocal in his support. Current celebrities who've expressed their support include Sean Astin, Alyssa Milano, George Takei, Rose McGowan, Alison Arngrim, Jessica Chastain, Sean Hannity, and more.

There are several reasons why Feldman's filing a report with the LAPD will provide positive results, regardless of whether the alleged abusers are charged or not.

By filing the report, the Los Angeles Police Department will launch an investigation that will put the abusers' names on their radar. Should any future allegations arise, they can use Corey Feldman's report as evidence.

What do you think about Corey Feldman coming forward to file a police report?

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