Corey Feldman Emotionally Identifies Alphy Hoffman As Alleged Sexual Abuser

Corey Feldman Emotionally Identifies Alphy Hoffman As Alleged Sexual Abuser
Credit: Source: Dr. Oz

It was an emotional interview between Corey Feldman and Dr. Oz on Monday, November 13, 2017. Corey Feldman is in the middle of his Truth Campaign, where he is raising $10 million to create a movie that documents and serves as an educational tool about Hollywood and pedophilia.

Accused of holding the names of his abusers hostage as a way of earning ransom in the form of donations to the Truth Campaign, Feldman has slowly released the names publicly. This is being done as a good faith effort to show the public that Feldman was abused by multiple people, that there is a pedophile ring operating in Hollywood, and though some of his abusers are low-level people, others hold high positions of authority.

Feldman emotionally identified and confirmed that Alphy Hoffman is one of the men who sexually abused him when he was a young teenage actor

Feldman explained that he fears for his life as he continues to come forward with his allegations.  A portion of the money he is raising will be set aside for security and legal fees, should any suits be brought forward due to the allegations.

Alphy Hoffman ran the 80s disco-themed club for Hollywood's elite kids Alphy's Soda Pop Club. Feldman was emotional and it was clear that it was painful for him to relive the experience and talk publicly about what had happened.

Though Corey is confirming for the first time that Alphy Hoffman was one of his abusers, it isn't the first time the allegation has been made. In fact, many people have stated the names Martin "Marty" Weiss, Jon Grissom, and Alphy Hoffman online, since Corey wrote his 2013 autobiography Coreyography .

Corey's appearance on Dr. Oz was different in the fact that for the first time, other former child actors came out in support. One actor, who wanted to remain anonymous said that in his opinion, Alphy Hoffman was a pedophile.

Blake Lively's brother Jason Lively came out in support of Corey. You may watch a clip from Dr. Oz with Jason Lively and Corey Feldman in the video player below.

Corey Feldman is finally telling his story in a way that people are listening and he is being heard.

Did you watch the interview? What do you think of Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign? Do you support it?


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