Corey Feldman Calls Soleil Moon Frye's Hook Up With Charlie Sheen 'Predatory'

Corey Feldman Calls Soleil Moon Frye's Hook Up With Charlie Sheen 'Predatory'
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Corey Feldman is sounding off regarding revelations Soleil Moon Frye made about Charlie Sheen in her Hulu documentary Kid 90 . The documentary features home videos Soleil taped during the height of her 90s fame as she spent time with her family and famous friends. The Punky Brewster star also delved into some traumatic, personal experiences as she opened up about her first sexual experience that she likened to a sexual assault. She didn't reveal the perpetrator's name, but said when she was 17-years-old, she was with a boy she liked, but when things began moving too fast and she wanted to stop, he continued. She described the encounter as a "thrust" and was left emotionally damaged from the experience.

Six-months-later, Soleil would have her first consensual sexual encounter with a much older actor. Soleil had turned 18-years-old three months previous to her hook-up with then 29-year-old actor Charlie Sheen. Though Soleil affectionately spoke about Charlie Sheen and expressed how attracted she was to him. Soleil stated the following in Kid 90 about Charlie Sheen and their sexual encounter.

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He's somebody I've had a crush on for years. He's a person that intrigues me and excites me.

According to Us Weekly, Charlie Sheen's publicist, Jeff Ballard, released a statement on his client's behalf in response to Soleil's remarks.

She's a good egg. I wish Soleil well in this resurgence of her. Jeff Ballard stated on Charlie Sheen's behalf.

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Though Soleil is singing Charlie's praises, Corey Feldman isn't being as generous with his comments.  The Lost Boys star tweeted about the encounter and called it predatory because of Soleil's description of being a virgin.

On March 9, 2020, Corey Feldman premiered his documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys that focused on allegations that Corey Haim confided in multiple people that Charlie Sheen raped him when he was 13-years-old, on the set of the movie Lucas . Charlie Sheen denied the allegations via a statement through his publicist, but that hasn't squelched the story. Though Charlie Sheen has his fair share of supporters who believe he is innocent of the allegations, there are others calling for Charlie Sheen to be cancelled — Corey Feldman is their loudest voice.

Corey Feldman tweeted the following.


You may see Corey Feldman's tweet below.

An Open Secret tweeted about Sheen's publicist Jeff Ballard and his friendship with Charlie Sheen, along with allegations of child sexual abuse. The tweets were based on blind items from Enty Lawyer and published in 2018 on the Crazy Days and Nights site.

You may read those blind items below.

What do you think about Corey Feldman's statement? Do you agree with Corey Feldman that taking Soleil Moon Frye's virginity without a commitment is predatory behavior?


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  • Amy
    Amy Apr 25, 2021 6:21 AM PDT

    She has a sunny Attitude probably gets her thru life. Wonder if her talking about her sex association with Sheen made her hubby get a divorce after 22 years??? She probably just revealed or betrayed him someway. Timing in everything. Given how Sheen has spiriled out of control into drugs, and AIDS is just creepy. Well there some guy out there that took her virginity by rape at 17. Hollywood weird.

  • Maria
    Maria Apr 2, 2021 4:30 PM PDT

    Good for Corey! I believe you Corey, any other place, entertainment industry, it would not be acceptable.

  • jesus
    jesus Mar 30, 2021 5:56 PM PDT

    Corey Feldman knows of many horrible things Charlie's done. We all know for a fact he's a domestic abuser and sex offender in CA by spreading AIDS to his partners without disclosing that he was positive. Considering this, I do tend to believe Haim was raped by him, but unfortunately he's not alive to speak for himself, and I have no clue if he would. I thought the descriptions by Soleil Moon Frye of their interactions were creepy given all we know about him, plus the age difference. He def seemed to have a predatory vibe, and it's hard to understand why she doesn't feel that way, but to each their own. I think once a woman is an adult and able to reflect back on her life, it's up to her to characterize her experience as statutory rape or predatory or NOT. She clearly doesn't consider it that and has a positive view, even though looking back she can now see how other events in her life were rape (also the date rape incident), so it's not like she's totally unaware or in denial about such things. Plus she was of age, even though it seems like Charlie was waiting in the wings to pounce right when she turned 18. But anyway, women have the right to characterize their own sexual experience how they want, and we should believe all of-age women.

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