Controversial Show Host J.B. Gunner Takes Beef With Coach Eli To New Level — Calls Him Accused White Pedophile

Controversial Show Host J.B. Gunner Takes Beef With Coach Eli To New Level — Calls Him Accused White Pedophile
Credit: Source: Coach Eli/JB Gunner

One of the biggest beefs in online history is taking place and people are sounding off. J.B. Gunner hosts the eponymous and controversial show and has shocked people nationwide with some of his comments and behavior. Now, his greatest nemesis, Coach Elias Melas, is fighting back as rumors are circulating calling him a pedophile. Viewers are coming out in droves to support the Coach against the false rumors and fortunately for Eli, there's proof that it was all a setup.

That didn't stop J.B. Gunner from running his show with Coach Eli's face plastered on the screen and the shocking headline "Real Brother Radio Network Reaches out to Accused White Pedophile for Help against J.B. Gunner."

J.B. Gunner released a statement regarding the allegations against Coach Eli and said that he hoped they weren't true.

" I hope that Elias Melas did not commit the crimes that others have accused him of and wish him the best in that situation. I said “accused” and “alleged” because that’s what it is. There is absolutely no proof that Elias committed those hideous acts and as an American, I believe all people should be considered innocent until proven guilty. My job is to report the news though and ESPN will not wait until Antonio Brown is guilty or not guilty before reporting that he has been accused."

You may see the controversial show that J.B. Gunner aired in the video player below.

Coach Eli wasted no time in debunking the allegations and struck out against J.B. in what is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated fights in social media history. Coach Eli is encouraging people to put J.B. Gunner on ghost-mode and avoid him entirely. For some, that's not so easy to do.

Eli has also made it clear that he believes he's being targeted for his political beliefs.

"I was falsely accused of being a pedophile by a YouTube content creator who runs the Lycantheory channel on YouTube. While I understand this was meant to be a prank for attention in his eyes, pedophilia is a very serious issue in our world today and shouldn’t be joked about in any capacity! In spite of this false rumor going around YouTube, longtime Conservative Political Commentator, JB Gunner, decided to get in on the supposed fun and run with this story on his #GUNNSQUAD YouTube channel. When JB Gunner did a live stream to speak on this situation, he spun a fancy narrative to make it appear like I was a pedo, but also mentioned he just didn’t have any proof. The reason why he has no proof is because it simply isn’t true."

Coach Eli has also responded to J.B. Gunner multiple times during live streams.

Lycantheory also weighs heavily into this fight and he too released a statement about his involvement and fully admits to running the prank.

"I did suggest that idea that we tell an online rumor mill that Coach Eli was a pedophile. This rumor mill is not a reliable news source, and it is not anyone's job, nor is it the police. There was no actual evidence of said pedophile rumors, taking a lot of the teeth out of the accusation."

Fortunately for Coach Eli, several people were looking out for him and not only found proof that the rumor was false, but documented it in a video. Now people are calling for the channel of the man who made the video to be removed.

What do you think of this drama? Do you think it is dangerous for people to make false allegations such as calling someone a pedophile when it can easily spread across social media? Do you think more safeguards should be set in place for YouTube content creators and celebrities?

Do you watch J.B. Gunner, Coach Eli, or Lycantheory? Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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