'Controlling' Meghan Markle Expresses Sympathy For Kate Middleton Over Royal Baby Photo Pressure

'Controlling' Meghan Markle Expresses Sympathy For Kate Middleton Over Royal Baby Photo Pressure
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Meghan Markle has taken an unusual approach to certain aspects of being a member of the royal family -- for example; she gave very little publicity to her wedding and her pregnancy and subsequent birth, which raised many eyebrows in the celebrity world and caused some to question what she was up to.

However, in the end, it looks like Meghan is merely trying to get more privacy for herself and her family, and does not want to follow in the footsteps of some other members of the family.

Case in point, Meghan is rumored to have made specific comments aimed explicitly at Kate Middleton and her current situation.

Meghan expressed her sympathy for her sister-in-law over having to face the media so shortly after giving birth, and so frequently in general.

This has solidified the theory that Meghan is merely trying to lead a more private life.

However, some have reportedly been unhappy with this situation, including individual members of the royal family itself.

There are certainly some traditions that have gone on relatively unbroken over time regarding the way members of the family present themselves to the world, and it is interesting to see the results of trying to go against those traditions.

Hopefully, this will not have any impact on Markle’s life with Prince Harry as a whole, as some have speculated that her actions might prompt some interference from higher above in the family.

However, so far observers have not seen any detailed reports indicating anything of the sort.

A friend of Meghan's family stated: "Meghan and Doria are like two peas in a pod. Both perfectionists, both can be controlling, but they know their own minds for sure! They just like things the way they like them. Everyone in the family says that when they’re together, Harry — who is extremely fond of Doria — will have to take a back seat. He won’t be able to get a word in edgewise."

The pal also said about her father, Thomas: "While Doria is there, he won’t even know when the baby arrives until the rest of the world is told."

The person added: "He wanted her to feel she could achieve anything. You have to remember, at the time that Thomas and Doria were together, inter­racial relationships weren’t so common and they faced hardships,” added the Thomas friend. “Now he really thinks that Meghan is ashamed of him.”

Do you think the California-born actress is handling her new duties well? Should she take a different approach?

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