Constance Wu Reveals That She Never Watched Hustlers - She Didn't Want To Self-Judge

Constance Wu Reveals That She Never Watched Hustlers - She Didn't Want To Self-Judge
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During her appearence on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday, Constance Wu revealed that she still hasn't watched the film, Hustlers, despite its success and her co-starring role in it. Page Six claims the 37-year-old actress made it clear that she hasn't seen a few of her films either.

According to Wu, after she watched 2018's Crazy Rich Asians , which led to her earning a Golden Globe nomination, she finally stopped watching her own movies and productions. Wu added that it's important for her to not be too self-critical, and also dwell in the past.

She added, "I want to focus on the present," rather than focus too much on the past. Back in May of 2019, Wu came under pressure for her reaction to the Fresh Off The Boat being renewed for the sixth season. Wu took to her Twitter account at the time to say she was upset to the point of tears because of the show's renewal.

However, she later clarified her remarks by adding that she had to cancel another project she was extremely passionate about. Insiders who spoke with Page Six previously claimed Wu has somewhat of a reputation of acting inappropriately on set.

Insiders who spoke with the outlet claimed Wu was acting like a "diva" behind the scenes. Constance Wu apparently has a reputation of being extremely difficult to work with, despite being paired with much bigger stars on the set of Hustlers like Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

Additionally, sources claim she has the same reputation on her ABC show, Fresh Off The Boat. Her team has urged her to try and find a sense of humility in the public eye.

The insider who spoke with Page Six stated that Constance was easily the most hated person on the show, and had a reputation for being rude and mean to everyone there, but mostly the crew. She also refuses to allow visitors and won't agree to do anything. The source described her as a "pain in the f*cking a**."

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