Connar Frazier Talks Nathan Forrest Winters Movie That Chronicles Victor Salva's Abuse

Connar Frazier Talks Nathan Forrest Winters Movie That Chronicles Victor Salva's Abuse
Credit: Source: Nathan Forrest Winters/Michael Stropki

Connar Frazier, the director of the upcoming movie 7he 6oy  that chronicles the sexual abuse that former child actor Nathan Forrest Winters underwent at the hands of Jeepers Creepers' producer Victor Salva, is speaking out about the project. In an interview with Without Your Head, Connar discussed the bare bolts of the project and how the movie is more of a collage and a form of healing for Nathan as opposed to a blockbuster film. The movie comes with a disclaimer as it proves to be one of the rawest and intense looks at what child sexual abuse does to a growing psyche. Nathan Forrest Winters starred in two of Salva's films including Something in the Basement and Clownhouse alongside Oscar-winning actor Sam Rockwell and Brian McHugh before it was discovered he had endured years of sexual abuse.

Victor Salva was found guilty on multiple charges and though sentenced to three years in prison did less than 15 months at a treatment facility. Additionally, when authorities searched Salva's home they discovered his collection of child pornography including one videotape where he had filmed himself sexually abusing Nathan.

Other children who appeared on child pornography obtained at Salva's residence remain unidentified.

You may hear Connar Frazier's interview where he goes into full detail about the upcoming movie below.

Recently speaking to Indie Wire, Nathan discussed the upcoming, one-day rerelease of Salva's movie Jeepers Creepers 3. Though Nathan has continually protested many of Salva's films and the way that Hollywood continues to embrace him, even though he's a convicted child molester, much of his outcries have fallen upon deaf ears.

When the MeToo movement launched, Salva had just released Jeepers Creepers 3 and actress Rose McGowan, who was a vital voice in the fight against Harvey Weinstein, previously worked with Victor Salva on the movie Rosewood Lane . Many people have repeatedly reached out to Rose McGowan on Nathan Forrest Winters' behalf, to try and get a statement from her or even an apology but she has yet to issue one. To many, it has appeared that men have been completely overlooked when it comes to acknowledging the pain from child sexual abuse and removing those in the industry who abuse them. 7he 6oy is set for an October 31, 2019, release.


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