Condoleezza Rice argues with Donald Trump

Condoleezza Rice argues with Donald Trump

Recently, there was an article published by Daily News back in 2006 which resurfaced. It wouldn't seem like a big deal, but in it we could see how Trump, who obviously had something to share with the Bush administration, attacked Condoleezza Rice during a keynote speech he held at the Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo back then.

Apparently he said that she is a lovely woman, but in his opinion she's a "bitch". Moreover, he criticized her professionally and minimized her achievements, simply saying that she just goes and visits other nations and countries, talks to their leaders, comes back but she doesn't have any result.

However, there is a video version of the speech, found in the CNN archives, and his speech in the footage is slightly different than the written report. The video shows the now presidential candidate as he says that he wishes she was a bitch, because he doesn't care whether she's a lovely woman or not, he would just want someone able to seal deals.

Previously this month, Condoleezza asked Trump to get out of the race for the presidential place. When CNN contacted her and asked her for a response to this report where supposedly he called her a "bitch", she just said that she can't wait for November 9 to be here.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first person whom Donald Trump attacked. It is already known that he has an issue with women, and recently we had the chance of seeing this again along with a clip that surfaced where he made some truly misogynistic comments. He tried to make up for what he said by saying that it was just "locker room talk", but truth is that many people disliked his attitude and probably will not vote for him.


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