Conchata Ferrell From Two And A Half Men Dies At 77

Conchata Ferrell From Two And A Half Men Dies At 77
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Conchata Ferrell, the Two and a Half Men star, has officially passed away, a new report from NPR revealed today. The outlet says Ferrell died at the age of 77 in her Sherman Oaks, California home, amid heart complications.

According to NPR, Ferrell's character was only supposed to appear in the program's first season, but Berta went on to become an important character in the series starring Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen. She appeared in almost every episode during its 12-season run.

Her role in the series, in which she portrayed Berta, garnered Ferrell two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress. During a conversation with The AV Club back in 2014, Ferrell claimed she liked to portray women who had the nerve to say and do things that she would never do.

Ferrell claimed Berta was the type of person who would say whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. In a Twitter post this week, Cryer described her as a "beautiful human." Born in Charleston, WV, the star found success on the stage in 1973.

NPR says Ferrell acted in The Hot L Baltimore, from Lanford Wilson, which was an off-Broadway play that followed residents of a dilapidated hotel whose inhabitants were on their way to eviction. Later, the play was taken to national television and it lasted just one season.

However, Ferrell managed to continue her career on television in series like ER, Edward Scissorhands, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, before finally landing her role on Two and a Half Men alongside Charlie Sheen.

When Ferrell last spoke with The AV Club, she said her love for acting was the only reason she managed to last so long in the business. She said she loved it more than anything, and it was her greatest talent and vocation. The star went on to say, "I do it better than anything else I do."

As it was just noted, Ferrell worked with Charlie Sheen on the series that made both of them incredibly successful, although, Sheen already had a solid career beforehand.