'Concerned' Melania Trump Is Worried For The Donald's Health As Laura Benanti Vows To '‘Make America Xmas Again" In Hilarious Video

'Concerned' Melania Trump Is Worried For The Donald's Health As Laura Benanti Vows To '‘Make America Xmas Again" In Hilarious Video
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The Detour actress Laura Benanti will not leave First Lady Melania Trump alone to spend Christmas in peace. The 39-year-old singer appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Friday for a new sketch that went viral.

In it, the funnywoman brings to life a "Melanie Trump" waiting for her husband, President Donald Trump, to arrive for a Christmas message.

The hubby is late, so the fake Melania starts to sing. Sporting a red “Make America Xmas Again” hat at some point, Melanie sings, "It used to be illegal to say Merry Christmas. You’d be punished at the slightest mention. But now you’re free to say Merry Christmas all year unless you’re a migrant child in detention. Boo-hoo."

There is also this hilarious part: "If Donald’s not going to be here. I’ll just have to do what I did back when we shared a bed: finish without him!"

Liberals are laughing, and some conservatives are fuming. The critics say that former First Lady Michelle Obama was not treated the same way by comedians.

To this point, left-leaning voices brought up the fact that some vile things are often said on the right when it comes to the Obamas.

Moreover, they see the former model as a silent partner when her husband was pushing the birther hoax against former President Barack Obama.

Either way< the real Melania has never been more supportive of the New York billionaire. She sees him as a victim of a "witch hunt." One source told Hollywood Life : "Melania is concerned about the effect all these investigations are having on Donald’s health, but she isn’t concerned about the outcome of any investigations. Melania believes her husband’s claim that he’s being subjected to a ‘witch hunt’ and that there’s no truth to the allegations against him."

The same insider also added: "Melania is doing what she does best in this kind of situations. She's Donald’s rock and a soothing voice of calm and reason. She’s there for him 100 percent."

With the Trump Shutdown being in full motion, Melania is already heading to Florida for the holidays. The president is staying in Washington a little longer to try and fix a mess that some experts say he helped create.

It will be interesting to see if he will find time to respond to the sketch. Mr. Trump is well aware of what goes on television.

Do you find Benanti funny as Melanie?

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