Conan O'Brien's Studio Gets Robbed - He Says He Couldn't Imagine Anything 'Lower'

Conan O'Brien's Studio Gets Robbed - He Says He Couldn't Imagine Anything 'Lower'
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This Monday, Page Six reported, Conan O'Brien revealed that the set of his late-night television show was burglarized in Los Angeles. According to the outlet, Conan's crew discovered earlier this week that several laptops and a clapperboard were stolen from their set at Largo at West Hollywood's Coronet Theater.

O'Brien said on his Monday night program that he and his team started working in a theater to help them out during a pandemic, and someone took the opportunity to steal from them. Regarding their decision to work in the theater, Conan explained that "it seemed like a nice thing to do."

Obviously, the thieves didn't care, because they went in there in the morning and found that someone had taken all of their equipment. O'Brien was able to use the incident for comedy, however, when he asked why someone would take a clapperboard, which some people call a "slate."

The late-night TV show host asked what "robber" would need a clapperboard anyway. The host went on to say that it was something that only young teenagers would use, especially in the case of a "student film" or something similar.

Conan said he couldn't think of "anything lower." As most know, the coronavirus pandemic has led to much desperation amid the lockdowns that have forced many people into unemployment and businesses into bankruptcy.

Movie theaters and other public venues have been under siege as the companies are now unable to generate revenue through their traditional means. Concert festivals such as Coachella and others have been forced to shut their doors for the foreseeable future and when they will open is currently unclear.

The same effect can be seen in the movie industry as well, including films like Tenet, which reportedly was hit hard as a consequence of the international coronavirus restrictions. Earlier this month, Warner Brothers and AT&T came out and said Tenet didn't result in the movie theater comeback as they had originally envisioned.


Additionally, Disney's Mulan didn't fare as well at the Chinese box office as much as the company hoped.

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